TSK 19

Welcome to TSK 19, the 19th Symposium on „Tectonics, Structural Geology and Crystalline Geology“. TSK 19 will take place 07.-13.03.2022 at Martin-Luther-University in Halle/Saale including workshops and excursions.

TSK brings together scientists from various disciplines who study tectonics from the macro- to the microscale. According to the interdisciplinary nature of this topic we highly encourage contributions from all related fields: structural geology, tectonics and metamorphic petrology, as well as magmatic petrology, geophysics, sedimentology, material sciences, geochronology, geomorphology, …

The first TSK conference was held in Tübingen in 1986 and took place afterwards in many other cities in Germany and Austria (https://www.tsk17.uni-jena.de/general+information/history+of+tsk+conferences) . TSK is also a section of the DGGV, the German Geological Society (https://www.dggv.de/fachsektionen-ak/fachsektion-tsk.html ) who supports the conference.

COVID 19 Information

We currently plan TSK 19 to take place as an in-person-event in compliance with effective Covid19 rules, that is at the moment 2G+ (vaccinated or recovered AND negative test or booster vaccination, https://coronavirus.sachsen-anhalt.de/).

We expect an update on the Covid-19 regulations from the authorities. As soon as we are aware of new regulations, we will inform you here.

Preliminary Schedule & Dates

Registrationopen from 05.01.2022
Abstract Deadlineextended 10.02.2022; 23.59 h
Workshops07. & 08.03.2022
Icebreaker08.03.2022, 18.00 h
Talks & Posters09.-11.03.2022
Conference dinner10.03.2022